Trust & Formations

Sovereign & Partners has built its name on providing innovative, bespoke solutions for clients. We do this by obtaining a thorough understanding of their needs. For our private clients we use a tailored approach to help them find specialised solutions, without losing control of their affairs and with complete confidentiality at all times. Our core focus is the provision of offshore company formation services, preserved pension solutions and business protection solutions.

Focused approach To make sure we can provide you with the most appropriate solutions we have concentrated our resources in the following three areas.

  • Offshore Services & Company Formation
  • Preserved Pension solutions
  • Business Protection

Offshore Services & Company FormationWhatever our client’s plans we can turn them into action, by offering a personalised service from an experienced and knowledgeable team. They provide a single point of contact to help our clients incorporate tax efficient structures and solutions. We help our clients through the maze of jurisdiction and tax implications, as well as helping them choose the company that best meets their requirements. Whichever of our unique services the client decides upon they can be assured of total confidentiality when structuring their worldwide assets & affairs.

Estate planning should be an essential part of every client’s financial plan and we can provide the services, such as wills, powers of attorney and corporate structures, to make it happen. We offer access to in-house and external professionals who put together the correct framework to ensure clients’ assets go where they wish after their death.

Preserved Pension SolutionsSovereign & Partners helps clients with full management of their domiciled financial affairs, in particular any preserved pensions that may otherwise remain unmanaged. With the correct management, our clients can regain control of their pensions, reduce the charges and potentially provide enhanced investment performance. Using our specialist knowledge we can provide a complete analysis of their current position.

Business ProtectionOur specialised programme protects clients and their business, with cover for the loss of key employees and directors. The programme provides a full Succession Planning Service that will help clients with future financing for the business, building the correct legal structure and framework for the business - using of Partnership agreements and shareholder protection agreements.

Our location in one of the major financial centres ensures our clients have immediate access to exclusive and specially designed legal & financial solutions. They can rely on a service that is discrete, confidential and designed to help them with specific financial needs and interests.